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Maquinaria - Santiago

Posted on 10/04/2012
Hello! My name is Mauricio Soares Peres. I am Brazilian and I'm 31 years old. I'm a fan of KISS. Very fan. I have all the disks. Accompany the band since 15 years. I've been to the show at Interlagos in Sao Paulo on 99 and the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro in 2009, and has gone to the Quilmes Rock on April 99 also (this, hidden). I was very happy to learn that you will return to Brazil in 2012 with the Monster tour. The interesting thing is that I will be on vacation in Santiago in Chile with my fiancee on the day you present, November 10. However I can not go because my vacation ends this day, and my flight back to Brazil is at 19:00 hrs, unfortunately. I know you will play in Brazil a week later, but, ironically, I live far from São Paulo and Rio, farther still from Porto Alegre, and will not have the financial means to go to any of the shows, because they will soon after my vacation. I write to them saying that my admiration and my love for the band are huge and would that even can not go to the concert in Santiago or the shows in Brazil, maybe you could get me (and her too, of course) in the hotel where the banda will stay in Santiago, since I'll be there, so I can live the experience to be around, even though my idols for a moment of a lifetime. Do not need more than 5 minutes, 1 or 2 photos with you, Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric. It seems insignificant, but it would be a milestone for me in my life. I never dreamed that this could happen someday. If not, keep dreaming, because since that night of March 16, 1995, when I heard KISS for the first time with the fantastic album Dressed to Kill, falls into deep sleep, dream that in this life, I am sure that I I'll never wake up. From a fan, no more than any other, but a big fan, Mauricio Soares Peres.
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