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Monster-Weekend !!!!

Posted on 10/07/2012
Hello again, Paul, Gene, Eric Singer & Tommy, since yesterday I listen to MONSTER....only Sleeping was a break....and my whole Sunday till I go in bed I will listen..... It's so agressive, so fresh, so great....can't get enough !!!! Since December 1979 I am a fan and saw you 28 times in concert between 1983 and 2010. In January KISS will be 40...but while I am listen to MONSTER it sounds like a young and hungry band ! I love Peter, Ace, Eric Carr, Mark, Bruce and even Vinnie have co-written some GREAT KISS-Songs and was a good guitar-player, but I have to say: This line up since 2004 is the STRONGEST EVER in Kisstory.....and thanx for letting room for Eric Singer and Tommy, I want them more on Lead-Vocals ! And I have even a dream of Solo-Albums from this Line-Up ! DESTROYER-RESURRECTED sounds GREAT ! I want ROCK & ROLL OVER, LOVE GUN & DYNASTY the same way.....Guys thanx that you are still here after all this years...Greetings from the Bottom of my Heart from Germany in the USA, Your Lion67
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