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Posted on 10/07/2012
Guys, Congratulations! Congratulations on the new album. Where Sonic Boom was the new KISS trying to sound like the old KISS, Monster is the new KISS being the new KISS. And it's difficult to stop listening to it. After about 6 or 7 times in 24 hours Wall Of Sound, Freak, Shout Mercy, Long Way Down and The Devil Is Me stand out. Most songs start in a surprising way (the a capella intro!) and most end in a surprising way. I also have the feeling that it's the first time ever on a KISS record that songs end like you would end them live. Which is cool. Congratulations on (most of) the artwork. Not a fan of the Monster typo (too much Harry Potter) and the band member pictures (someone needs to study depth of field a bit more), but the rest of the artwork is very dark and very arty. Which is cool. Congratulations, Paul Stanley. Not just for the production, but especially for the songwriting. I really thought you'd lost it, Starchild. Too much formula writing, too forced and who can forgive you for a pun like “Danger us”? This time around it's a whole different ball game. Groovier, funkier, looser, more layered. Which is cool. Congratulations on the marketing. Seriously. Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Europe 5 days before the US, it's all very clever and I'm sure it will pay off. The biggest question with an album like this is: what songs will you play live? They're not all meat and potatoes, so I guess it's difficult to reproduce on stage. But whatever you choose, I'll be there, and hopefully on the first row. All the best, Bart
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