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Tour in Australia (Adelaide)

Posted on 10/08/2012
Hey KISS. My name is Macey. I am 21 years old and been a very very very big fan of the band since I was a little girl. My 6 month old daughter has baby jumpsuits with KISS on it too and she loves it. I was wondering, I heard a rumor that you's are coming to Australia to do a tour, was wondering if it's true than are you guys coming to Adelaide as well. Because if you are doing the tour in Australia would like to see you live in Adelaide as it would be the one and only opportunity I will get to see you's LIVE for the very first time. I love you all, you and the band itself have been the greatest inspiration to me from the day I started high school, through the bad times when I was getting bullied to my proud moment while I gave birth to a daughter I have been blessed with. Thanks for taking the time on reading this letter. Bye :)
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