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Hi, KISS, thanks for this 40 years

Posted on 10/08/2012
Hi my great great friends of KISS, i`m sending this mail to you, `cause i wanna thank you for this greatest 40 years you gave us to the fans in the entire world, specially here in Mexico City, thanks for the oportunity you gave me personally to see you in 7 times you visited Mexico. For me, my family and friends are great experiences that we have in our lives, and in commmoration of the great 40 years, in this mail i`m sending a personal picture i`ve take to a four dolls that ia made in my house, i painted them, and made the particular personalities for each one, also the picture includes a photo that i buyed in the concert of Foro Sol. Gene, Paul, Erick, Thommy, i hope you enjoyed them, is a personl gift to you. I can make another dolls specially for you and send it at your atention guys, just let me know, and no problem for me because i work in a courier company that works together with Fedex. Regards, Armando
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