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Posted on 10/08/2012
Ahhhhh! This album just rules! I can say with certainty that I'm the only person who's listened to it non-stop for about 62 hours in one sitting and then resumed more nonstop playing last night. (Yes, I fall asleep with it on so I do get my sleep!) It's almost impossible for me to turn it off. I'm guessing maybe 200+ repeats---and still going. I love anything KISS does---some better than others---and this album takes "me" back to the stone age (to coin the term of one song on it) when there were KISS records---vinyl---and it was always a blast getting a ride to the record stores to buy them when they were being unboxed, playing them over and over, dreading going to school because that meant the whole day with only sound bytes in your head. This take me back to the teenage angst of only wanting to listen to the latest KISS record and singing away to the big choruses and melodies. This is the KISS we've all missed. Sonic Bo om was a great kick off to KISS returning back to making studio albums and it's clearly audible that they carried that energy into the studio when they recorded this. If ever Paul and Gene bragged about how great a KISS album was gonna be, this time they nailed it! It's not only an excellent KISS album, it's a great rock & roll album. If the pickier KISS fans don't enjoy this then it's them who need to quit being a KISS fan. I love MONSTER from start to finish. I've never listened to an album like I have with MONSTER. Sleeping on the couch with it going all night....playing until I have to leave the house. MONSTER is unlike any other KISS album. To me, it could just as easily have been the album titled Animalize because it fits the primal, savage vibe that Animalize was. Animalize is undoubtedly a very special album and era for me so that's intended as a compliment. MONSTER is a fitting title. In fact, perfect title. It's a FUN album! I can't wait to have my "KISS Easter", which is going around to the various stores and buying the limited edition CDs as though they were Easter eggs! It's true to KISS and Tommy and Eric shine brilliantly. You can actually hear them as their own person and talent. I don't want a Paul, Gene, Peter and Ace album---even as much as I love the original lineup. (Paul and Gene's modern day KISS is too hyper and energetic for the original lineup anyway.) I love this lineup---always have and always will. It's given KISS the real chance to be KISS as the dream originally was almost 40 years ago in 1973. KISS: I've been a fan for 35 of my 40 years (since I was 5!) and I've never quit loving you. Thank you for all that you bring to us fans and the world. Best Blessings, Randy McBrayer
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