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Tweet KISS Winner!

Posted on 10/09/2012
Thank you so very much Gene, Paul, Tommy & Eric for the incredible opportunity of being part of KISStory by selecting me to premiere your brand new song 'The Devil Is Me' on my personal Twitter page for the entire world hear! I would also like to thank all those in the KISS Army who followed me on Twitter for their amazing positive tweets & congratulation wishes! The response was overwhelming. The KISS Army really is the greatest community to be part of. Strangers who feel like friends, like minded people who share a love of Rock n Roll & who are proud to worship at the stacked heels of The Hottest Band In The World. I will never forget these past couple of days. The sheer excitement of checking my emails & discovering I was the winner of the Tweet KISS competition, I still can't believe my luck. I never win anything & for me a KISS fanatic from Northern Ireland to have had this responsibility was a real honour, I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I am also so thrilled to have won a signed copy of 'Monster', I will treasure it forever. A massive congratulations on 'Monster' it is awesome! It rocks so hard, it's such a perfect follow up to 'Sonic Boom'. The production, the playing, the songs, everything has blown me & I'm certain everyone away. An outstanding team performance, you've never sounded better, well done guys! KISS thank you once again for this phenomenal privilege! I cannot wait to see you in the U.K. for the MONSTER tour in 2013 & I'm hoping that you announce your dates real soon. KISS Army Forever, Denver McCord
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