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Posted on 10/10/2012
Hello: I come to you as a KISS fan since '78. I was 7 years old, and like many kids back then, were enamored by the pics and images that made you who you guys are. I don't have a sad story to tell. I wasn't bullied, or had family problems that your music pulled me through. No, I'm just a fan that loved your music. Now, I was shy and really didn't fit in for the most part. The one thing I had that was mine was being a fan of Kiss. Like most fans back then, we took a lot of ribbing and were few and far between. But I was a fan of Lick It Up,as just a fan of KISS or Rock N' Roll over. As I sit here and listen to your new effort, Monster, I smile. Some will hate it,well, because their haters. Others will love it for what it is; a great BAND effort. I loved Sonic Boom. But to me? Sonic Boom was to Monster, as Hot In The Shade was to Revenge. A solid effort that led you back on the right path. Thank you. Thank you for being the band I needed you to be in my life. I know that sounds cheese, and frankly? I know some will mock. For those that mock? They don't understand. In this digital world of quick information,and super fast computers, information,music,and pics are easy to come by. Back then? You had to work to be a fan. You bought mags,and you tore out posters. Not like that anymore. Again,great ALBUM. (sorry..Im old) Hope to see you around West Texas soon. A Kiss Fan
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