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KISS themed benefit Concert

Posted on 10/13/2012
Hey guys just wanted you to know I placed my order for the new CD yesterday!! And can't wait to throw it in the CD player in the car and take a road trip! But the reason I am writing is I have tried to reach each of you personally to tell you about a KISS themed benefit Concert I am putting on Halloween weekend Nov. 3rd in West Plains MO. for a local Organization called CLAWS or Care and Love for Animals Without Shelter! Our town has around 15,000 people and 1 place for animals and they kill their animals if they are not claimed after 6 weeks! Cool thing about this Benefit Concert is we have Hired Almost KISS which I am sure Gene is familiar with for our band, we are having a KISS costume contest as our opening act with some cool prizes like a locally donated les paul style guitar that will be signed by Almost KISS, a KISS Alive 2 Album signed by all 4 original members (no offense Tommy and Eric) and 3rd place is a set of 4 guitar picks from the farewell tour again from the 4 originals! Plus Almost KISS is doing a Meet and Greet and al the money from that is going to CLAWS! And I have been a KISS collector since 76 I am now 46 so I have some cool items and I am donating all of them to CLAWS for a for sales booth and a silent auction booth!!! With all proceeds from that going to CLAWS as well! I am a Disabled musician and I live on less than $800.00 a month and I have put all of this together myself with minimal help from the community, as I know if KISS or any form of KISS is involved it can't go wrong!! Just wanted to let you know that KISS is everywhere!! Even in the small towns!! P.S. if you would ever like to come here and play we have a 4000 seat Civic Center Hint Hint!!!!! Thanks for everything that KISS has ever gave to me!! It's more than you guys will ever know and now it's my turn to give back!! Sincerely James Denton West Plains MO.
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