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Coolest KISS tat EVER

Posted on 10/16/2012
I have 5 high quality pics of KISS signing the Tattoo and the Tattoo being done if you are interested. Hello, I just wanted to fill you in on one of the biggest highlights of my life….all due to KISS. My photo was posted on back in August during the KISS meet and greet in Las Vegas. Here is a little timeline of what happened. My wife surprised me with the KISS meet and greet package for my birthday in April for the show in Las Vegas. We live in Pennsylvania….but we LOVE Las Vegas! We arrived in Las Vegas two days before the show and I had my mind set on getting the “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign “KISS Themed” tattooed on my chest (I already have 2 KISS tattoos featured in the KISSTORY book). Christina from KISS Monster Mini Golf in Las Vegas sent me the artwork for the tattoo. I had it done at 3 Lions Tattoo at the Rivera Hotel in Las Vegas the day after we arrived. After 6 hours of being tattooed…I said, “That’s it for me, no more tattoos!” The next day we went to the Meet and Greet before the show. KISS did an acoustic show and then signed for everyone. I was in KISS heaven!! All 4 were so friendly and I had Gene and Paul sign my chest, opposite of my new Welcome To Las Vegas KISS themed tattoo. A day earlier, I swore off any more tattoos. The day after the meet and greet/concert, I found myself at King Ink in Las Vegas getting Paul and Gene’s signatures on my chest. That tattoo’s came out so nice….I am proud to have it on my chest (and equally glad that I have a wife that is ok with me having these tattoos on my chest!!) I will be the first to admit that the cost is high for the Meet and Greet, but if it wasn’t…there would be 10,000 people there. I have been a fan since the 5th grade and never wavered during the “down” times. Just wanted to share some of these fantastic pics and thank KISS for making my dreams come true!! Keith Paynkewicz
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