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Monster of Rock´n Roll

Posted on 10/17/2012
I´ve board the new album Monster yesterday. You can cay that I´m glad, This album is a Monster of Rock´n Roll. When I´m listning to every tracks, I think I´m hearing smiles when songs are singing, just like in the good old times, I´ts like Gene and Poul are 20 years again. When I close my eyes I can see there young faces again. It´s like the old album Destroyer is playing speeded up, and mixed whit the year of 2012. Guys I´v hope that the tour 2013 is planing to visit Denmark, I know it was a small gig in Aalborg last year, But WHAT A PARTY.!! Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer shows that the er worth beeing in KISS. Now I´m almost 44 years old and followed you seens I was 14 years old. You´r like old wine, getting better every year, You are the best, no doubt. You are the monsters of Rock´n Roll. Best Regards from Denmark. Bjarne.
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