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Posted on 10/17/2012
Hi! Here is our new video for the song "The Way I Am". I`m the drummer and manager for norwegian classic rock band Humbucker and I wrote this song in about ten minutes! "The Way I Am" is...well, the way I am! The song is about myself and as I am a huge Kiss fan for almost 30 yrs, I could not write a song about myself without the subject of Kiss! as a matter of fact, if no Kiss-no Humbucker! That`s for sure! The first verse is all true and it realy says it all but as I am a huge fan of Gene and his way of life, I think you will find the rest of the lyrics very Gene-ish! hope you like it and it would be the greatest honour for me if you would upload the video on your site! thanks for making another MONSTER and best of luck for the future! Best Regards Geir Arne Dale. Akkerhaugen-Norway
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