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On a dare

Posted on 10/22/2012
Back in 1978 my friends and I took a dare to paint our faces up like KISS and see if we could get our picture in the local paper. Well as you can see it worked. Been a KISS fan since 1974 when I seen them lead off a concert in Indy for Uriah Heep. (My first ever concert) After watching KISS's performance I was hooked for life. Seen KISS 22 times and hope to many more. No matter what line-up, with or without make-up KISS still is the greatest Rock and roll band ever. Oh yeah and by the way KISS blew Uriah Heep away. My favorite concert was the Destroyer tour when AC/DC lead off the show for KISS. All the shows were great even at the Indiana State Fair. KISS RULZES!!!
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