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Lex Lightning

Posted on 10/22/2012
This is a picture of my husband Chris, and our son, Alexander. We call him Lex Lightning, because he has proven to out-rock anyone else his age. Some of his first words were Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter! Before he knew who Elmo was, he knew your faces from our records, and he knew your moves from your concert videos. He's been a fan since 10 months-old, and I have been a fan for my entire 27 years of life. I was burped to your songs as a baby, and three shows and one child later...still a fan! He actually asked to be Gene, and although he couldn't sit through the makeup well enough, he still pulled it off! I love that my little guy is so into your music. A few wise men said it best, "God gave rock n' roll to you...put it in the soul of everyone", and Lex is living proof!
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