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Posted on 10/22/2012
Hey Kissonline! You know being an adult Kiss fan and being able to share the group with my own children is really cool. Sometimes Kiss comes back with a thank you. And boy did it happen to us... Recently we had the experience of a lifetime. Two hours at the Sirius Xm studios with KISS! After seeing the band on TV and albums and brief meetings over the last 30 plus years, I wasnt ready for how different this day was. A relaxed chill setting , with two hours to sit with legends , and talk with them about anything you want. Crazy ! To sit there and actually laugh with them telling stories and Eric busting on Gene a lot , priceless!! Paul and Gene playing air drums and air guitar during the breaks was insane ! Paul danicng and singing in his chair and flirting with the hotties was so cool . Seeing the man live up to his own cool Starchild /lover legend . Just as insiring as if it was the 70s again ! KIss was the most laid back and loose that Ive ever seen them . For real. And Im no casual fan . I am actually the Paul from" Dressed To Kill " , a New Jersey tribute to 1976 Destroyer era KISS. So trust me Ive spent years doing my Kiss Homework..... These four men where absolutely humble and kind to us. Especially to my 10 year old son. Gene and Paul giving him advise for his future was unreal. EricSinger is the coolest guy ever, in all of Rock N Roll . Tommy what a good job Monster album man . Thank you KISS for making a memory my son and I will never forget !
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