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HalloGene 2008

Posted on 10/24/2012
OK, Flashback to 2008. Halloween is in a few weeks....& my son Dylan (age 3 at the time), out-of-the-blue, one day, says to me: "Mom, I don't know if I should be Humpty Dumpty or Gene Simmons". OMG!!! I just about fell off my chair!!!---I turned to him & said, "With a line like that, you're being Gene!" :))) See, I grew up listening to KISS in the late 70's when I was 8 years old (particularly b/c I had an older sis who was obsessed! - KISS posters completely covering the walls (amongst the Bucky Dent posters. :) Dylan, my 3 yr old, was an out-of-the-womb an old soul...who is wise beyond his years when it comes to music.--He also told me at the age of 3 "Mom, I'm a Rockstar" (Me: You are?) "Yeah, because I LOVE ROCK!" :))) Sooo, as you can imagine, he HAD to be "mini Gene"!!! Right? And let me tell you, he SHOCKED & ROCKED the world that Halloween!!! - I made the costume from head-to-toe. He had to look GOOD! :) Get a load of this...he went to his pre-school parade as mini-Gene, and the teachers & janitors went NUTS! (his classmates liked it too, but they didn't know who he was--Tsk Tsk--what's wrong with those other 3 yr olds?...after all, KISS is history! ;o) Dylan was an absolute SAINT in sitting still for that make-up. Then he did the whole thing again on Halloween & he MADE PPL'S HALLOWEEN THAT YEAR, EVERYWHERE WE WENT!!! SOOOO MUCH FUN!!! - I have an amazing album that I put out on Facebook that ppl go nuts over. ("HalloGene 2008"). As you can imagine, Dylan is now a very well-known KISS fan & ppl tell us they always think of him when they see or hear KISS. : ) So get THIS.....THEN, I say to my husband, "I wish, KISS would come around while he still fits in this costume & I'd take him to see them dressed up". Shortly thereafter, my hubby calls me from work one day to say: "Ask & you shall receive--KISS just announced dates!" (OMG!!!) So yep, we took our "mini Gene" to see KISS ALIVE 35 at Madison Square Garden! AMAZING SHOW!!!! And after the show, Dylan (mini-Gene) said so sweetly & innocently, "Dad...I was a bigger hit than the band". OMG LOL! Seriously, if he had a dollar for every person that wanted their picture taken with him...he'd have quite a nice college fund ;o). And he's never been a crybaby (was out-of-the-womb at age 22:) So naturally what a trooper my boy was--having fans swarming him all night & not complaining a bit about it?! Unbelievable. Then the next day, I say to my husband, "Ah too bad he didn't get to meet the real Gene". Then Dylan (didn't know he was listening) comes in & says, "Yes I did...I had my picture taken with him". (??) Awwwww, our poor sweetie had his pic taken with some guy dressed as Gene (who calls himself 'Simmons God')--this guy flipped out over our son & wanted his pic taken with him (which is also in my facebook album--btw I attached the link below. KISS fans will LOVE it! My facebook friends GO NUTS OVER IT! So please take a look at the making of Gene & our Shocking/Rocking the world! Nothing more freakin ADOARBLE than Gene trick-or-treating! :))) trooper 3 year old, dressed up as Gene THREE TIMES--for school, Halloween, AND KISS ALIVE 35!! And so, as you can imagine, his infamous line (that ALL of our family & friends & facebook ppl know)--"I don't know if I should be Humpty Dumpty or Gene Simmons" is CLASSIC!!!!.....and the REST, as they say, is HISTORY! <3 P.S. He's now 7, & a huge fan of KISS....We take him to see them every chance we get. (He doesn't want to be dressed though, b/c he doesn't want to be swarmed like the first time. We're fine with that b/c we have our pictures & our memories to last us a lifetime! <3 ~Thanks for reading! :D P.S.S. Our son just may be an impersonator when he grows up, he has a gift for it--ppl cannot get over how he assumes his characters to a T! - After Gene, he did Michael Jackson & went right into The King of Pop dance moves (he studied MJ's DVD for weeks b4 Halloween, on his own doing)... Again, ppl went NUTS! The next year he was Pee Wee Herman....he was OBSESSED with Pee Wee so he had to be him--again, complete with infamous Pee Wee mannerisms, quotes, etc. And get this...we got lucky yet again, when Pee Wee decided to come to Broadway THE VERY SAME TIME my son was Pee Wee. So what did we do? We took him to see Pee Wee's Playhouse on Broadway....AND after the show, Pee Wee came out to the streets of NYC, spotted our son & came over to him & right in is face said "Wow! It's like lookin' in a mirror! HA! HA!" (infamous Pee Wee laugh). OMG, PRICELESS! My son said back to him "That's my name, don't wear it out!" ;o) Then last year he was Hulk Hogan (again, I make all these costumes from scratch--ppl count the days, as they are doing at this very moment, to see what he will be next! Funny thing is, he has to LOVE the character himself! - I just the other day wrote to Hulk Hogan on his FB wall (bc ppl kept saying he HAS to see this, you HAVE to show him)....Well my son & I almost died when Hulk wrote me back (bc he responds to NO ONE on his wall) & he said he was sorry that I couldn't post a pic to is wall, but he wanted me to post it to my wall bc he wants to check it out! So, OMG....Pee Wee saw him as Pee Wee (in the flesh!) and Hulk wants to see him as "THE REAL GENE" (as my son used to call him:) get to see our Mini-Gene????! OMG, my son would be beyond ecstatic!!!! Us too!!!! And and btw.....we'd LOVE to see my son's pic pop up in my facebook feed released by KISS! (I always think when I see pics they put out, "pretty good, but my Gene's better" :)))))))))) Again, that link below is my HalloGene 2008 includes pics from mini Gene at his pre-school parade/ KISS ALIVE 35...and my Gene-O-Lantern!! (of course I had to make my son a matching pumpkin! :) ~PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!! Rock on! m/ ~Colleen McLaughlin (from New Jersey)
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