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My daughter is obsessed with you from a Scooby Doo episode!

Posted on 10/26/2012
My daughter is currently obsessed with a 2005 Scooby Doo Halloween episode featuring KISS. She cannot get enough. She's wearing her usual fancy headband, GIANT "diamond" ring, and bejeweled heart necklace...and right this second doing tiny rock-n-roll hands and showing me how "the one with the big shoes does his tongue like this". Nice. She wrote you this letter and wanted me to mail it, but I told her this was the best we could do. She has translated her four year old scribbles to me...this is what her letter says: I love you. I love your band. I love your makeup, your shoes, your guitars, and your microphones. And your drums. My sister plays the drums. But she doesn't wear makeup. ~Talia I'm 41 and dig you too, but it makes me really happy to see my daughter gravitate to you as well. Bianca
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