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Posted on 10/29/2012
Hey guys, my name is Aly! For Halloween this year, I am Gene Simmons. I get asked a lot, "You're Gina Simmons, right?" NO. I AM GENE SIMMONS! :) Every Sunday, my friends and I go to karaoke at the local Applebees because between work and college for all of us, it's sometimes the only time we have for each other. I won the costume contest last night by singing Strutter struttin' around with my inflatable bass guitar! The picture I included is my best friend, Brianna, and I! I love KISS so much, I've never felt like such a badass! Top of my bucket list is to see KISS live. Everytime I get a chance, something ALWAYS messes it up. Next time you guys tour, I'm going to do my best to make it. I have a feeling it'll be the best night of my life! Thought I'd share! Take it easy!
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