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KISS & Makeup Halloween Pub Crawl

Posted on 10/29/2012
Just wanted to share a pre-party pic of our Legends of Rock - KISS & Makeup Pub Crawl for Halloween 2012. The crowd response was over the top when we exited our party bus at each stop. It was overwelming to say the least. The crowds really believed it was the real KISS! Kirk (Gene) even strapped on a bass after being chanted onto stage by the crowd at a local island festival called Octoberfest. He and the festival band then broke into "Strutter" for the cheering crowd and as we exited, the band followed up with "Rock & Roll All Nite" and the rest is as they say"KISStory!" Best Halloween Ever in Galveston, TX....KISS stole the show and preached the word of Rock & Roll! Keep Rocking Guy's, Gerry / Boog / Kirk / Heath
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