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KISS' Gene Simmons costume

Posted on 10/31/2012
Hey KISS! I actually don't really know what to say... Besides that you guys are awesome! Anyways... In the picture above is me, dressed up as Gene Simmons for the high school's carnival last year (in France the carnival is around march I think). And so, during the school carnival there is this sorta "costume competition". And guess what? I won second place! I was pretty glad of myself! :D Not a lot of people recognized me that morning, which was pretty awkward! I think I'm gonna do the same costume tonight for Halloween! At least people will know who I am, or at least I hope! (A lot of French teens listen to the radio crap like Pit Bull, Nicki Minaj and OPA GAGANAM STYLE! --') So yeah.... Hurry up and come back to France! Especially during the summer for the festivals! There's one in my town called Musilac. Last year there was Skip The Use, Lenny Kravitz, Two Door Cinema Club etc.... So yeah, please come!! See you soon! I hope! Laura, a teen fan. ;)
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