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My MONSTER-Month and My MONSTER-Poll

Posted on 11/05/2012
Hello USA, Hello Kiss, great to see you Guys on You Tube on the KISS-Kruise ! Seems it was a lot of Fun....wish You a great South-America Tour too ! Today is Monday the 5th of November....on the 5th of October I have bought MONSTER (Standart-Edition without glasses in Saturn)...I have listen to it EVERY DAY.......GREAT GREAT GREAT !!!!! Thanx again for this GREAT ALBUM !!!!!! I have also some people asked about their fave songs on MONSTER....27 (plus I) have answerd...take a look...TAKE ME DOWN BELOW is my fave (on Sonic Boom it is WHEN LIGHNING STRIKES)...but in general I LOVE both albums...and what the power belongs I like MONSTER a little bit more ;-) Hope to see You on MONSTER OVER EUROPE-Tour in Germany too...Greetings again from the Lion67 P.S.: My Poll was in the Forum
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