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Rockin' Out on Halloween As *STARCHILD*

Posted on 11/05/2012
I had an AWESOME time dressed up as STARCHILD. I was dressed up from noon till like 5am as STARCHILD. When I was in mall with my friends people were taking pictures. In the TGIF I saw people taking out their cells to take a picture while we sat down and ate. Later when we went to bars, all night long people were coming up to me and braking out into any KISS song that came to their mind. Next thing I know I was walking up the street with my friends and this guy dressed as a "Black Lion" singing our hearts out! We sang Rockin' Roll All Night, Strutter, Beth, Lick It Up, Take Me, I Was Made For Lovin' You, Detroit City, name it I prob sang it that night. XOXO (Melissa & I)
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