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Please come back to Kansas City!

Posted on 11/09/2012
Hello KISS! My sister and I attended our first concert in Kansas City MO 1979 together I was 15 and she was 11. It was the Dynasty Tour, We had recieved the Kiss Solo albums under our tree the prior Kissmas. We refered to it as that back then even, To this day we exchange Kissmas gifts. I wanted to go so bad with my best friend to the KISS Dynasty Concert and my mom made me promise to take my little sister too. I didnt want to, but agreed to get the tickets. It was the greatest event in our lives seeing KISS and a bond that has never broken between us. In 2010 the Sonic Boom tour came through and I was low on money it was early December. She presented me with a ticket and took me to the show! Squeeze Kansas City in on this tour before Kissmas if you can so I can return the favor to her
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