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special meeting on KISS kruise 2

Posted on 11/09/2012
So I have a very special Kiss Kruise story to share with all you Kiss fans. Last year on the Kiss Kruise 1, my family and I were about to take a picture with Kiss. After waiting in forever long lines, and hurry up and waiting, we finally got our chance to meet the band and take our picture. Well lo and behold, as we stepped up for our picture with the band an unknown man jumped in the middle of the picture. To our surprise and even Kiss, the picture was snapped and we were sent away, that is until Gene Simmons, grabbed us and said, come back lets do it with you guys. So we shot the pic again and it was the Jones family, with “Lil Gene” AKA Aidan and his guitar. The photographer Will Byington, told us not to worry he would get us the good photos and to his credit got us all of them. (Even the one with the unknown Kiss fan…lol) For the past year we wondered who the man was who jumped into our original picture? Fast forward to the Kiss Kruise 2 and what a wonderful time it was. We were in cabin 9092 and had decorated our door with a phenomenal array of posters, lights and pictures from the last Kiss Kruise… (You see there was a door decorating contest, that we didn’t win, but should have…lol) So on the 3rd nite we returned to our cabin and outside of our door was a man and a woman, looking intently on the poster and pictures we posted. Guess what? It was the man who jumped into our picture the previous Kiss Kruise! I said to myself, how could he have found our door, with (our) and his pic on it and how could we be walking back to our cabin while he and this lady were admiring it? As we arrived he was so enthusiastic and saying, “Hello its me Wellington. I’m the man in your family picture from last year!” He stated that he was just married and that he and his new wife had found our door and were amazed they found the picture that he was in with our family.(I think he said he is from Wales) He said he had no family last year and saw ours and had to jump in! It was an amazing Kiss Kruise moment, that was just that… It could not have been arranged…If it had been just minutes later or earlier, the meeting would not have happened… totally in the moment. So the Jones family met “Beef Wellington” as I call him and his new wife, then never saw him again. And all because we love Kiss! Totally Kisstastic! Wellington, if you see this please contact me and lets do it again next year! Congratulations on your wedding and new beautiful wife! Rock on! Kiss Kruise 3 Christopher Jones (New York)
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