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8/26/12; My first ever KISS CONCERT!

Posted on 11/11/2012
Guys, You just have no idea how much of an impact you made on me, do you? I've been a fan since SONIC BOOM, and I swear you guys just saved my life through that album. I bought it a week or so, after it came out in mid June, and I bought it in late June. In early to mid July, we listened to it for the first time in the car, because I just wanted to test it out and see how it was. That album I think is the best one you've ever made, by far, but it sounds like to me with "Monster", you took it to a whole new level!!!! I'm constantly asking for it after hearing the first single LIVE!!!! Anyway, I had even brought a portable radio along with me for the camping trip that summer. Little did my parents know, that I was still mourning and heartbroken, because of the bullying and false rumors I was subjected to as a victim. Because of that, I brought SONIC BOOM, and my portable radio inside our motor home. I had just come fresh out of the fourth grade, and because I was mourning so badly, I had threatened to run into the woods, stab myself in the heart, and feed my flesh to the Mountain Lions. If I forgot the knife to do that with because of feeling rushed or nervous that I was gonna get caught, then I would have pulled off a piece of treebark from the tree I was sitting against at nightfall while everyone was asleep and I was far away enough so that no one could hear me, and I would have dug holes in my skin so far down, that it would have drawn blood, so the Mountain Lions could smell it, come over to me as a pack, and just eat me alive. So I didn't wish I could die, I wanted to die at the time. That's heavy for a kid to think in that manner! When I heard, "Stand", I just thought of what that would do to my friends and family, and I fell on my knees and I just broke. You guys saved me through your music off that album when no one else could with their own words. I just came fresh out of fourth grade and was just ten years old at the time. Two years ago, I made a big chunk of KISStory with you guys, because I had sent letters to the four of you individually, and had sent photos of myself instead of you for you to sign and send BACK to me. A year later, you guys gave me the best New Year's gift I could've asked for. You guys hand signed a photo to me, and sent it to me through the mail, and the photo is of you guys, full make up and costume, hand in hand, with your stage spotlights in the background. Then I thought Eric's last name was "Doyle" and not "Singer" so my opening in his letter was "Dear Eric Doyle" instead of "Dear Eric Singer" and after the closing, I put, "P.S, are you sure you're not the real lead singer of the BAND?". He sent me a photo of himself as well LIVE with his left drumstick in the air behind the drum kit and the microphone, and he signed it to me with the star, peace sign, and heart vertically below my name which was in CAPS LOCK, and his signature under my name. You guys sent that to me last year, and when I saw the first photo I was screaming so loud that the roof of my grandmother's mobile home levitated above the shell of her home!!!! As soon as I took Eric's out, I fell on my knees crying, and my mom had to kneel and grab my hand while my grandmother kneeled and grabbed me by the shoulder. That was the best gift in the world for you to do that for ME. I was not expecting you to do that and sacrifice for me in that manner, I genuinely appreciate it. My first ever KISS concert was on 8/26/12, and you guys were just everything and more to me than you could ever imagine. I'm the one who you played "Forever" to acoustically up until the end of the Chorus. I was on the floor and three rows from the stage, Paul flew over my SEAT on "Love Gun", and I took three photo shoots with you guys as a band. I'm the one that Tommy repeated the name of one song imparticular to, after the bridge of the song, Tommy starts nodding his head at me, full make up and costume, standing right in front of me and REALLY gave it TO me like, "BLACK DIAMOND." which we both had our rocker signs up on both hands, moving them back and forth, and started nodding both our heads at each other to the beat of Eric's drum part in the song. All at the same time, we gave each other the look like, "Oh yeah, THIS ROCKS!!!!", so when he did that, I knew I could calm down right then and there, and I didn't have to worry about anything after that. I was with my mom on the floor, three rows from the stage, and I was being acknowledged by you guys left and RIGHT!!!! I just beg of you guys, please, come back to Tulsa for the "Monster" tour????!!!! I had seen a lot of my former inspirations perform and was so concentrated on the music that I didn't care about their energy level at all, and didn't know the definition of a real show. You guys one minute were as cool as cucumbers, and when you guys were on the stage, your energy level was just overwhelming!!!! I asked for a real show from you guys as a band numerous times, and you just came here and you DELIVERED. If that kind of a show were to have been done by you guys on AGT, you would have went home with the grand prize all at ONCE! <3 <3 <3 <3. Go to:,,, or to find out more about me and what I'm all about. I have Aspergers, a neurological form of autism, and I am representing kids who have it, and advocating when it comes to bullying. The bottom two URL's are links to the "What Is Aspergers Syndrome" video by Dave Angel, and I am, "Risible Rachel" in the video. The second website below my official facebook page, is linked to a petition my mom had made for me because my school at the time wanted me to still be in school with the H1N1 floating around and the CDC said for kids like me to stay home because of it. So as you can see, I've not only become wide spread in this sense, but I have also been filmed by news channel's four and nine several times, and I have also been in the Edmond Miracle League Newspaper for one year straight, from 2006 to 2007 when I was eight years old in second grade, and had just turned nine in late 2006 and was at that age by early 2007. In 2009, I was filmed with my team by news 9 at the UCO Baseball Stadium below the Hamilton Field House, our announcer, Margo Price, was on News Channel 4's "Pay it 4ward" segment, and we as a League were recognized by the Edmond Memorial Bulldogs. I have also been in the Super Attendant's Honor Roll for ten years straight, and have been in the Principal's Honor Roll for two and a half years. I saved since I was 12 and a half years old to go to my first ever KISS concert this year, I saved the entire $1,250.00 on my own by earning six dollars a week for putting up the dishes, and I also saved a separate $133.00 for your crowd free merchandise shopping within four or five months before the show even came around! I wrote my first song when I was eleven and received my first ever up and coming songwriting contract from the Paramount Group, through the mail, at just 12 years old. I also know how to decode the Brale, Spanish, Greek, Phoenician, and Sumerian alphabet writings like our English alphabet. I've known how to read the English language since I was two years old. Thank you so much for coming, you don't know how much that meant to me. I love you guys to death, more than you'll ever know. My dream is to become a singer, guitar player, and a songwriter, because I wanna be where your at. I'm taking Music Theory as one of my courses now, and I am also making plans to become a student for, the number one online guitar teaching site in America, to first learn how to play the Electric Guitar, and then the Acoustic Guitar. After that, then I'll have my parents sign my contract I got from the Paramount Group, and I'll be on my way to working toward a better life for myself and my family, and working toward a better future for us all by getting us taken care of and all our debts paid off at once. That's what I want out of all this and you guys are the reason I want this more than anything. Please, help me make it happen, and write back soon. Thank You, Rachel D. Caton
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