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My Bigger Dream

Posted on 11/13/2012
Hi KISS, today is one day very special in my life. Iíve been waiting twelve years for this night to arrive. In last time that the KISS was in Porto Alegre I donít knew the band yet. After one year I knew and I started to listen with all devotion. That final solo of Detroit Rock City moved very with me and until today I chill when listening, as well as all others kiss musicís. And today I am here, each time more crazy for the Kiss and in the expectation to see a great show and to come back satisfied to home for having carried through this my bigger dream. Would like to see the KISS in Porto Alegre again making here another huge show at the GrÍmio Arena because better thing wouldnít happen, to see my heart`s band making a show at the stadium of my heart`s soccer team. Two immortal ones agitating Porto Alegre. Strong hug, Roberto.
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