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Thanks for our Friendship

Posted on 11/15/2012
hello kiss, we're Diana (left) and Selene (right) and we want to thank you because thanks to you guys we met and we have been good friends for almost 8 years. even if we live in different cities our friendship keeps going. I've been a kiss fan since I was a 4 years old girl and you will always be my favourite band. it is embodied in my skin, what i feel for you and your music is special. We tiij this picture in monterrey the last Ocuber 1st! It was our first kiss concert together(we individually saw you before) it won't be the last one. Hope to see you soon, thanks for everything. TOMMY! YOU MAKE MY HEART BEAT!!! -Diana Bencomo Hello guys: As my friend told you, we met because of you and we're really glad about it. I thank for that to happen, we never forget about each other, we're always in contact by phone or internet. I appreciate that you form an important part of my life, you're a great influence for me. I admire your career as musicans, keep on rockin'. I will never forget every single of the feelings you make me. You gave me the sister I never had before of this. Thank you so much -Selene Silva
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