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Melbourne Australia

Posted on 11/18/2012
Hi guys, My name is Chris Lardner and I live in Melbourne Australia. Many years ago I lived in Adelaide and I got to see Kiss perform at Adelaide Oval. I'm 46 now and I can still remember lining up at Wayville Show grounds to buy my Ticket. Back then a single ticket cost $13.50 Australian and the hype was unimaginable. Truth be told, I like many other teenagers had a wonder wall dedicated to Kiss. Some years earlier I suffered childhood depression and of all the remedial action my parents took the only thing that cured me was Kiss. True story. Their message was so positive that they actually saved my life. Nowadays, I am a career consultant and I motivate people to reach their true potential. I love my work and I get to meet many interesting people. Kiss and their insanely positive message still permeates in the positive message that I give to my clients. For this I am truly grateful and will always cherish the memories that Kiss has given me. When Kiss performed at Telstra Dome for the Kiss Symphony I attended in Gene Simmons Make-up and I wore a black double breasted suit, Black shirt and a purple tie. It was an excellent show and I was rewarded by being lucky enough to appear in the DVD. There was a dissolve after Peter Criss completed his performance of Beth. And I am seen there with my friend Tammy (in Spaceman Make-up) and honestly, when I first saw the video, words are inadequate to describe how good I felt. I'm still a fan and really really want to go to the Melbourne show. I have children now and all I can really afford is the $99 tickets. I must say though, it sure would be nice to meet you guys. You have been such a major part of my life growing up and it would simply be cool to say thank you in person. Sincerely, Chris Lardner.
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