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Posted on 11/22/2012
Face painting and the KISS Army are synonymous of the band KISS. No other U.S. band has the special fan relationship that KISS has where the fans look like the band members and each other. This is very unique. The band was right in bringing back the face make-up in 1996 which revived the original look and the fan face-painting association. It wasn’t until I attended my first KISS concert in Brazil that I realized how unique this phenomenon was. You, as a fan, literally become part of the show and the entertainment. The band is very dedicated to their fans and spends hours on face-to-face meetings and local interviews prior to a concert. Like me, band members are no longer young. Their age ranges from 52 to 63. I congratulate them in putting on a great show in Rio for 01:40 minutes. It takes a lot of energy to be on stage for that long. I was really surprised to see a younger crowd in the concert, since most were not around when I became a KISS fan in 1976. Congratulations on managing to keep KISS alive for 40 years. Anyway, thanks for the memories...
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