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Posted on 11/27/2012
My name is Mario. I was born in Buenos Aires Argentina, a country for many years not included in international artists tour dates. A KISSERO since 1980 (that´s what we argentine Kiss fans call ourselves), it took 14 years to witness a legend come true before my eyes: how great rock band Kiss is their live show. Now, it took me 32 to check out another in the flesh: just how nice Paul Stanley is to fans. We had this picture at the Buenos Aires´ Faena Hotel, november 6th, ine day before the show at River Stadium. Sorry, Mr. Stanley, we disturbed your coffee talk, but you probably gave us the ten minutes of our lives. When I told him about my 32 years as a Kiss fan, he asked: "I´ve been for a lot more". NO DOUBT WHO´S THE BIGGER AND MORE PATIONATED KISSERO EVER. P.S.: Please, come back soon and play some of your solo stuff for us
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