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Posted on 11/27/2012
First of all, I'd like to thank Kiss for the wonderful time at Anhembi - São Paulo last November 17th. It´s the 6th time I go to a Kiss Show, but this time was special, because I've taken my nephew Pedro with me. His now 10 y.o., but he loves Kiss since he was 5. Acctualy, there are two videos in the youtube where Pedro sings Rock and Roll all Nite, one when he was 5 years old and a new one, with 9 y.o.). Pedro has used The Deamon make up several times, but for the show, he wanted to go as The Fox, to honor the memory of our dear Eric Carr. He just loved Monster CD, and he is now completly crazy about the concert. We both had a wonderful time. Thank you guys. Keep it up the great work! (We Love Kiss) Anselmo C. Fiorini
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