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VIP experience and fan story of dedication

Posted on 11/25/2012
Guys, I'm the one you guys played "Forever" to me up until the end of the chorus at Tulsa, OK's BOK CENTER: You also took three photo shoots in a row with me as a band: You guys were so sweet and so down to earth to me, that you guys just made me feel like you've known me since birth, and made me feel like you've known me for years. When you guys were playing "Forever" to me, I bowed my head when Tommy started on his guitar for me, and then when Paul started on his vocals for the song, I leaned toward the post that held the boundary line between Gene and I, nodded for a few minutes, then shook my head, bowed it down at the ground and nearly started to cry. Guys, that was my early 15th birthday present from you, and you didn't even know it. I don't know how to thank you for that by any means, you guys just blessed my heart and soul through that song more than you know, and for you to do that for me is just.... overwhelming. Any time I think about that to this day, I still end up almost being brought to tears of joy over it. I'm no one special, but for one night you guys just made me feel like a real queen that had you, kneeling before me while on the throne as my servants. That is more than I could've asked for from anyone I've ever known in my LIFE. That was my first ever KISS concert, and now I am forever a fan, because you guys just REALLY outdid yourselves at that show, and gave ME everything I ever wanted while you were at it. I only earn six dollars a week for putting up the dishes, and have saved for two and a half years to go to that show, and you guys made it worth EVERY bit of IT from me, I will PROMISE you THAT right now. I have saved from age 12 and a half, to age 14. Last year, you guys gave me the two BEST New Year's gifts I've ever had for FREE sent through the mail to me from you guys for free: I hope the KISS ARMY can see the things these URL's are actually linked to and these links won't make them leave this site to access them. Here they are: Here's the one you guys as a band had signed and sent to me personally for free. When I had took this out, I had screamed so LOUD and so PROUD, that the roof of my grandmother's mobile home levitated off the body of it. (Just kidding, but that IS honestly the way I felt, though!!!! LOL!!!!) and here's the one Eric sent to me, my mom had kneeled and had one of my hands while my grandmother grabbed my shoulder and they were both on either side of me, while I just collapsed and just fell to my knees because I was so overwhelmed when I took this out of my envelope for the first time: You guys gave me more than I ever dreamed of, and I just cannot thank you enough for everything. Tommy made me the first to ever have free membership of the KISS ARMY on Friday, August 26th, 2010, and my first ever KISS CONCERT was on Sunday, August 26th, 2012, also marking my second anniversary as a member of the KISS ARMY. Paul, Gene, Tommy, and Eric, thank you so much for making my 14th year the most magical and by far the best year of my life!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3. Go to:, or to find out more about me. The first link will give you exclusive access to the "What Is Aspergers Syndrome" video directed by Dave Angel that I am a part of, and the second will give you access to a petition my mom made for me over my issues with bullying and the school wanting me to come there even though they were broke out with H1N1 at the time. Dave Angel's "What Is Aspergers Syndrome" video has almost 7,800 views on You-Tube. I am featured in the video as, "Risible Rachel" and you will want to comment individually on my story, I promise you!!!! Check it out when you can and enjoy the video!!!! I not only spent two and a half years saving for the Sound Check/VIP access which cost $1,250.00 at the time, BUT within four or five months before the show even came around, I also saved a separate $133.00 for your crowd free merchandise shopping alongside of that. Like I said, that was my first ever KISS CONCERT and one of the best shows I've EVER attended. When you take the "Monster" tour to America, notify me early so that I can start saving for a second one, PLEASE????!!!! Here are the other links for the same video, though: Sincerely, Rachel Caton
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