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My wife went nuts!!

Posted on 11/30/2012
Hi there! I'm a huge KISS fan, since I was 12 and found out Alive III. I had the chance of watching a KISS concert in 1999 and 2009, both in Sao Paulo and both awesome. When the tickets started to be sold for the concert, I probably was the 1st to buy them, 0:01. My wife is not a a KISS fan or even a rock fan. She knows a few of KISS songs, of course, cause she hears it with me at the car. Of course she wanted to go to the concert, and she was about to have her 1st rock concert experience. When she got there, she got amazed cause the concert had a huge family crowd, a lot of kids and families. But the best was yet to come. When the concert started, the lights went down and the "you want the best"started, she ran nuts. Yeah! She got completely crazy, jumped the whole concert, sang most of the songs as she could and lost her voice from screaming! KISS is not only for fans. Fans go crazy, sure, but the spectacle is beyond that. KISS gives us much more than what we give to them. Every concert you thats the best concert they ever did, and thats priceless. Feeling the stage heat is something you can't describe. After the concert, she said to me like 45 times: "it was awesome"!!! Thank you KISS for being with me for 20 years, is awesome to feel part of this family.
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