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KISS Meet-and-Greet

Posted on 12/01/2012
KISS show in Sao Paulo (Anhembi), Brazil, 11/17/2012 - This year I had the great pleasure of attending the Kiss Meet-and-Greet. In 2009, I won a contest on KOL, the prize was the Meet-and-Greet and tickets to the show in the city of the winner. Well, needless to say it was pretty crazy! There was an acoustic show where Kiss sang what fans asked (Tears are Falling, and Shandi), then they autographed items and later that night there was the official photo with Kiss. Very cool indeed! A dream come true! During the acoustic show, I was very close to them. Only a rope separated the fans from the group. In the beginning I was sitting on the floor, if I stretched my leg I could touch the leg or Eric Singer or Paul Stanley. Seriously, I'm not lying. It was really close. Got some guitar picks, the only one I did not get one from was Tommy. At the time of the autographs it was very cool also, Gene Simmons was the most receptive and playful with the fans, I thought. At that moment I got a picture with him. It took a poster and a Monster CD, my boyfriend took the little dolls and a DVD for signature. All the band members autographed items and talked to us, at least a hello. Tommy Thayer told me: "You are so sweet", I went limp! After the official photo I went to get my tickets at the box office and thank God they were there, with access to the Bud Zone! I went to see the show close to 21:30 just before the start. The security personnel would not let me and my boyfriend enter with a backpack, the one that had the signed items, so my boyfriend went back to the car and I went in and waited. When he arrived I watched the show stuck to the railing of the Bud Zone. I saw Kiss up close! You could feel the heat of the flames on your face during the pyrotechnics! I highly recommend the Meet and Greet option, despite the confusion. It is very exciting to see your idols up close and personal. Those who can afford the US$900.00 pass (or win a contest or promotion) should do it! It was really worth the satisfaction and fulfillment of a dream. Source: Kiss Army Brasil, Mariana Navarro, 12/01/2012, translation: Paulo Rocha.
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