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An endless KISS?

Posted on 12/04/2012
An endless Kiss? Paul Stanley is ready. The lead singer in Kiss thinks the band can live on without current members, him included, and that suits him fine. The band is bigger than its members, said Stanley, and it only takes, in this case, four like-minded people with a similar outlook and talent to further the cause and continue Kiss. It makes perfect sense to me. It may not make sense to other bands, but were not other bands. We dont live by those rules. We never have. Might Stanley be concerned that he and Simmons are growing too old to rock n roll all night? Im damn good at what I do, the singer and guitarist said, but do I think Im the only person capable of doing what I do? Absolutely not. Im not talking about a clone (of me), but somebody with the same passion, drive and love for the music I love. So, can I envision a time when I wont be here anymore? Absolutely. Its not tomorrow, or next week. But when it happens, I would be celebratory. Because it would prove that I was right and that Kiss is exactly what I believe it is: an ideal, a way of performing, a point of view. Its an attitude, and the respect and love (we have for) our audience. Attitude and lots of fire-breathing chutzpah, literally and figuratively have been key components of Kiss for the past four decades. Source:, George Varga, 08/10/2012.
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