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The Magic of Stanley

Posted on 12/10/2012
Paul Stanley has always been a class act. He is a great guitarist and lead vocalist. He ranks right up there with my other four favorites: Freddie Mercury (Queen), Jimi Hendrix (Hendrix Band), Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath), and Steve Perry (Journey). Hit Parader ranked him 18th on their list of Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time. Readers Poll also named him 13th on their list of Top 25 Frontmen. But here is something Stanley has that no other lead singer has: Stage presence and a unique connection with the audience. The man loves the fans that he signs to, and they love him right back. I have never seen this with any of the other rock & roll lead singers. Listening to him talking to fans is almost as good as listening to him sing. Stanley gives 100% of himself during a Kiss performance. He has a rigid workout routine to maintain his shape. Charisma, devotion, professionalism, and talent are all words that come to mind. Even if you are not a Kiss fan, you should listen to him live at least once in your life. Once he puts on the face paint and walks into a stage he becomes something very unique to watch and listen to. I think he has only gotten better with age; just like a good wine. Hope to see him again in 2013. Rock on Paulů
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