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Early days of KISS

Posted on 12/11/2012
Kiss has come a long way since its early days (1973) in New York City. Paul Stanley: We had a rule that we wouldn't play more than once every eight or 12 weeks because we wanted people to think we were busy. We were literally sitting in our loft starving and rehearsing. And then we would go out and do a show and I would say: "It's great to be back – we've been gone!" We weren't anywhere. But it was about creating this mythology from the ground up. We'd load in our equipment in the afternoon so people thought we had a road crew. We had a wall of speaker cabinets that had no speakers in them – we couldn't afford the speakers. We would tell the people working the spotlight: "Don't shine the light on the cabinets," because you'd be able to see through them. Gene Simmons: We designed our own posters, had friends of Peter Criss print them up, and at night we would go out there and put up our own posters so nobody would see us. Source: “Kiss - Monsters of Rock”, Michael Hann, The Guardian, 07/12/2012.
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