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rock n roll hall of shame

Posted on 12/12/2012
dear kiss and mr. doc mcghee, first off i would just like to thank you for 40yrs of the best music and world tours any fan could ever thank of , thank you , now on to the RRHOF , i seen the 2013 inducties to the RRHOF and once again and again no KISS , goes to show , again , the RRHOF has no clue what so ever to what they are doing . its a total embarssment to them and a slap in the face to the greatest rock band of all time , the numbers prove it they might want to check it one time , and a slap in the face to the greatest fans , the KISS ARMY ! not to mention that the best manager of all time mr. doc mcghee , check that too RRHOF , is not in either is total disrespect to the entire music industry . sorry guys just had to get that off my chest , and like gene simmons always says , RRHOF YOU CAN KISS OUR ASS , rock on kiss and you will always be in the kiss army hall of fame , love you and thank you , sincerly yours , jeff mcdonald , newport news , va
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