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Posted on 12/17/2012
Hi, I' m a Colombian fan of KISS. I have always been a fan of rock music,something quite different from the likes of people where I live, they used to call me "crazy" or "freak" at school, and I I even got bullied in school, because of that, but my like for KISS and rock music in special, helped me to remain my true self: especially when I was listening to the song "freak" from the new album. When I was listening the first time I was like: "guys, were you thinking about me while writing this song?".You guys gave me the courage to show the world, that I don't need to be the same as theme, in order to be accepted: after all, I' m a freak and I love the clothes I wear. Well, anyway. I love KISS's music, the style and everyting.Even my hair style is the same as Paul's and, sometimes I hold my hair like Gene. And (don't get me wrong) I think that Tommy is a good-looking man. Cheers everyone, and keep rocking!
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