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the new cd MONSTER

Posted on 12/25/2012
Holy F_ _k guys, My son gave me the new Monster cd for Christmas.I heard from the singer in my little unknown coverband that it was good.Holy f_ _k Monster is an understatement.You guys are smoking.It is freaking excellent.You boys hungry or what? No thanks to suck a_ _ North american FM radio.I was not expecting such a hard rock onslaught! .I am so sick of so called music with fake electronic drum and keyboard loops and bad poety lyrics.Okay so most rock lyrics aint ever gonna win a pulitzer prize either but the cheese factor on this cd is gone.Monster has great playing by all,good melodies,good vocals and good harmonies.I salute you gentlemen.Job well done Long Live Rock and Long Live Kiss My son and I will definitly see you guys next time you pass through Toronto.
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