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just the beginning of my KISS collection

Posted on 12/29/2012
Hi, I'm brazilian and I love KISS soooo much. In november 18 I went to their show in Rio de Janeiro, I was in front of the stage and Paul Stanley interacted with me in War Machine, Lick it Up and I Was Made for Loving You, was the best day of my life and I really wanted to meet them! And this is my collection of KISS, I just can't stop love them, I wish I could live in US for buying new stuff of the band, like actions figures etc. This is a video that I recorded from the show: And this is the full picture: 'Cause that one I send you were very small. KISS how can I meet you guys in person? I know that everybody want it, but please I dream with you every night before and after the show. I would do anything to meet the rock n' roll kings. KISSes!
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