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Lion67 - This December 33-Years KISS Fan !!!!

Posted on 12/31/2012
Hello Paul & Gene and of course Eric Singer & Tommy ! 33 years ago my first KISS-Single was SURE KNOW SOMETHING.....and I was falling in love with KISS !!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought all albums: From KISS to the Solo-Albums in a short time....with every album I was more falling in love with KISS ! 5 months to wait for UNMASKED was a horror-trip....I wanted KISS KISS KISS KISS a neverending story !!!!!!! Well, now with 45 it's almost the same....KISS TILL I DIE !!!!! And Guys...this line-up since 2004 deserves Solo-Albums like way back in 1978 !!!! Posible titels: KISS-Paul Stanley: Love, Passion & Music / KISS-Gene Simmons: If You want the Best, Lady be my Guest / KISS-Eric Singer: Catwalk & KISS-Tommy Thayer: Songs from another Planet.....If you do it or not...I wish You a great & health 2013. Your Fan Lion67 (31. December 2012, 8.00 pm, Germany)
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