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Monster Collection

Posted on 01/04/2013
Dear Kissonline, as the Moster album is awesome, I cannot get enough of it. Thus I buy any fomat available and I can get hold of. Here I share with you the current status of my collection (see list below and numbers in the image). I am looking forward seing KISS in Germany this year. Keep on KISSing! Peter 1 B0017542-01A USA Picture disc edition 2 0602537178360 Europe Standard edition 3 0602537176496 Germany German KISS logo, 1st edition 4 0602537176496 Germany German KISS logo, 2nd edition with different Monster logo 5 B0017600-02 USA incl. 64 page Magazine 6 B001721902 Canada 3D edition (bi-linguale button) 7 3714652 Germany German KISS logo, Standard edition + 2 cups 8 3718036 Germany German KISS logo, 3D edition 9 UICY - 75180 Japan Standard edition + 1 live track 10 UICY - 75380 Japan 3D edition + 1 live track
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