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In Memory of My Big Best Friend and Big Brother Jimmy

Posted on 01/09/2013
Today is the anniversary that i lost my best friend and big brother James R. Bandlow! I was six and found KISS in 1973 and introduced him to you! We were both hooked!! We went to so many KISS concerts together! The last one was in 2000 when we took my youngest son Nick. He died January 9 2004 nine days before by birthday, He was thirty-ninel He has been gone nine years but the pain is still strong!! He was by best friend and I miss him every day but I go on to keep his memory alive and our KISS memory alive! I have been to 28 KISS concerts and still going and will keep going as long as KISS does!! He loved God of Thunder and Gene!! He was the best big brother a girl could have and I miss him every day!
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