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Posted on 01/09/2013
Well , at long last. After 35 years, Im going to see my firts Kiss show here in Australia. Ive been wanting to see Kiss since 1978 when i was 9 years old. We lived in the country , so it was a bit hard to get to a major city when I was young. Kiss have toured here before, but circumstances at the time, failed me to see a show. So now, the wait is finally over!! When the tickets came on sale, I was at work and my wife booked after a 3 hr wait to buy the tickets! She then phoned me to tell me the good news! I was a little disapointed though as i did not know about the meet and greet tickets untill some time after. i went back to book, but they were all sold out. My wife did not know either.I would have loved to be at the meet and greet. If anyone going to the sydney show, and have a couple spare meet and greet tickets, please please let me know via face book. Anyway, To the best band in the world, After 35 years of waiting, Im so so looking forward to the show, Bring it on!!!!!!!
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