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KISS Meets Lady Gaga!

Posted on 01/11/2013
My daughter, Jessica who is 15, is a huge fan of KISS and Lady Gaga. She was obviously thrilled when KISS and Lady Gaga met. Jessica was so inspired by the meeting (and the photos that circulated) that she drew this picture. She thinks it would be fantastic if KISS and Lady Gaga would collaborate on a song in the future. As a member of the "KISS Army" since 1978, I find it great that my daughter can enjoy the band with me today and we can both appreciate the fantastic stage shows of both artists. While the style of music is certainly different, Lady Gaga has learned the value of a great live show and the legendary concerts of KISS have undoubtedly influenced her own performances (as an example, coincidence that Lady Gaga has used fake blood in her live show? I think not!). KISS and Lady Gaga are two of the all time greatest live acts so both are naturally in good company in my daughter's drawing! While Jessica has met Gene two times (and I can unequivocally state Gene was simply fantastic both times), she does hope to meet the entire band someday and Lady Gaga as well. Jessica, who will be seeing Lady Gaga on January 20th in Los Angeles, would have a perfect year if she could also see KISS this year as well. KISS come back on tour in the States! Sincerely, Matthew & Jessica Farmer
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