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Posted on 01/14/2013
Just want to share the story of my wife's aunt. in 2010 we took Aunt Marn to her very first concert. Of course it was a KISS concert. She had such a great time she want to go back this past year when they returned to Cleveland. She really gets into going to the show, as you can see she painted her face. She has become a celberty at the shows as the the KISS Grandma Groupie. She is 75 years old and loves you. The last show was my 25th KISS concert, my wife's 7th, my 12 and 10 yearold boys 3rd and Aunt Marns 2nd show. She is ready for your return to the Cleveland area and is looking foward to seeing her new favorite band live again as is the the rest of the family. KEEP ROCKIN' HARD, KISS for the Rock HALL!!!!!!!!!
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