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40 years with KISS

Posted on 01/17/2013
I grew up listening to Kiss music via friends older brothers and then in my own right. The first tapes I ever purchased was the Kiss Solo's and I was totally hooked. Over the years I collected every Kiss albums and tapes that came out (Several times I might add as we were robbed on occasion). Lost all my original LP's which hurts the most. Knowing the history of Kiss and how they formed off of Wicked Lester after signing Peter and Ace and then changing the name to Kiss in January and having their first performance as Kiss on January 30th (my daughters b-day later on in life). I actually got to go see Kiss on my birthday on January 28th 1988 (my 17th b-day). Considerably 1 of the best b-days I've ever had. I still listen to Kiss music all the time as I replaced my lost lp's and tapes with cd's though never quite the same as listening to them old school style on a record player. Anyone that knows me knows that I've always said "My favorite music group of all time is and always will be KISS."
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