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KISS first time in Colombia

Posted on 01/17/2013
I rememer like yesterday, the day in wich we heard the news: KISS in Bogotá, Colombia! My friends (the ones that love KISS) and I, were going crazy! We were expecting that moment for such a long, long time! From the very biginin' we were sure to buy first-row seats! And we did! I remember that the concert date, was April 11, it was Holy week in 2009. And lots of crazy people were saying that the concert was a message from the devil and stuff like that, crazy shit!… But, what the hell, is KISS!!!! I was spending time with my family in another city called Medellin, about 8 hours away from Bogotá by car, and I had to travel back home the night before the concert! It was worth it! That night, with my cousin, who also went to the concert with me, was already at my house, both bought rum and beer and we began listening to KISS, to start the mood since then! But we were just to drunk, but happy! We saw the KISS SYMPHONY DVD in Melbourne that I have for a long time now, and we were soooo excited! The next day, we went to the main place were the concert was going to be placed, with hangover and all, we passed security, showed our tockets and then, YES! We were soooooo close to the stage! It indeed was an amazing experience! My cousin, at the very bigining of the concert grabed my arm and scream: I can't believe it!!!! Its KISS!!! The star-child, the demon! Spaceman and Catman kicking some ass!!! Oh my god! Gene spiting blood and tommy sending fireworks from his guitar and Eric doing and awesome drum solo! One of the best moments was, when Paul asked the crowd what song would we like to hear in that moment, and the sea of people screamed: Forever!!!! Even thoe the band didn't have it in its song list for the concert, they made us happy and played it! It was a nice gesture from them! Not all the bands that visit Colombia do that! Buy you guys did it! We left the concert tired as f***! But rememering the good moments! Please, come back! We would love to see you guys live once more! We love here your new MONSTER album and having you guys for just one more time would be one of the best thing that could happen in 2013! Congratulations on those 40 years making awesome Rock music, fulfilling us with your awesome attitude, your make up and your kick-ass shows!!! Hope to get to the 50 years of KISS and beyond!!!… You're doing great, keep on the good job! Greetings from Colombia! (Not ColUmbia) Rock Hard!!! >.<
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