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First KISS concert!!!

Posted on 01/17/2013
I was a senior in Highschool when I became a Kiss fan for life, My 82 old Pap took me to my first concert, he was adorable had know idea why I liked this noise as he called it he was very hard of hearing but still thought it was way too loud. I do have to admit Gene scared the crap out of me at first, lol fell in love with Paul and his shaking his ass and the dancing made this 18 yr old girl at the time weak in the knees. I have been there through all the changes and have never once altered my love of Kiss, raised my kids with Kiss and now grand kids Love the line up now it not only works but you all make a amazing fit, oh and my daughter was concieved at a Kiss concert Shhh don't tell anyone as long as Kiss is rocking so will listening to Monster as I am typing sending all my love and many more years of kiss to come thanks for all the memories!!!!
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